Eva De Leener (1978) works and lives in Antwerp, Belgium.


Eva De Leener has an oeuvre that comprises drawings, paintings, triptychs, sculptures, prose and poems. She searches various religions and cultures for stories, myths, sagas and symbols which she combines with autobiographical elements to make up a personal iconography. In her work, several storylines fuse into a colourful and slightly sinister world whose main focus is the human figure in various guises. The most conspicuous motifs are archetypes, the eye, the black hole, the cross, hands, ponds, fire and animals. Approached in this way, the work can be interpreted as containing a history long past, thus appealing to the viewer’s memory, wonder and imagination.


Skull and Snake, 2021
Skull and Bones, 2021
In Flames, 2021
Hellemuil, 2021
Skull, 2021
Black Crows Song, (closed) 2012
Black Crows Song, (open) 2012
Mere, (closed) 2012
Mere, (open) 2012
Fisch (ghost carp), 2011
Peh, 2015
Gimmel, 2015
Burning Fire in the night (Fire dance), 2010
Lovers Protection (Hunting time), 2010
Bet, 2015
Sjien, 2015
Chet, 2015
Interchanging Fire (the gift) (closed), 2011
Interchanging Fire (the gift) (open), 2011
God of the sea, 2014
Untitled, 2011-2013
Glow in the dark (orange eyes), 2021
Snake eyes, 2010