Adrien Tirtiaux


Adrien Tirtiaux (1980) lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.


Adrien Tirtiaux studied sculpture (1980, Brussels) and performance at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna after he studied architecture.

From this background as an architect, he retained the most important components, namely the material, the construction process and certain references on which his work is based. Since 2005 his interventions, in buildings or in public space, revolve around one constant: redefining space. He calls them "contextual works". Experiencing the space - its history, location, features and layout, its light and its use, but also the socio-political structures that underlie it - determines the design of a project, its implementation and reception.

(Catherine Mayeur, 2018)

The architectural sculptures of Adrien Tirtiaux often dismantle the sociocultural and political stories that surround them. He adds layers and possible readings and likes to push the limits of architecture by removing the components which make the construction look evident. His approach is often poetic and ironic.


Helix#4 (Hanging), 2021
Helix #1 (Solomonic), 2020
Installation view: Lieux de Papiers
Top Down Bottom Up, 2020
Plus près de Toi, 2020
Die Insel im Marta (chapter 1), 2020
A tort ou horizon, 2013 / 2019
Heaven and Earth, 2018
Europe Without Borders, 2018
Europe Without Borders, 2018
Point à la ligne, 2018
Maquette à l’échelle, 2018 (Detail)
Too Big to Fail (A joint Venture), 2017
Prouvé au vent 2017
Urban Matters (Carved / Modelled / Assembled / Cast), 2017
La Reine des ruines, 2016
Prototype for an Endless Column, 2016
Elevador social, 2016
Boven de muur, 2016
Climbing Mount Romania, 2015
Gleichgewichtskonstruktion (Das Land mit sechs Parlamenten), 2014
Bruggen bouwen, 2013
Office / Baraques, 2013