The collective Åbäke was founded in 2000 by Patrick Lacey, Benjamin Reichen Kajsa Ståhl and Maki Suzuki. Graphic design was the connection between the four collaborators and the starting point of their work. Åbäke takes this as an invitation to a collaborative and critical practice, with the collective in turn inviting the audience to participate. The outcome can result in performances, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, curation, publishing, fashion labels, eating sessions and seminars—depending on the moment, the context, and the (mis)use of regulations and constraints—legal, human, monetary, intellectual etc. Increasingly, their practice includes narrative objects and writing. This parallel practice always existed as a side project but has become an autonomous body of work. Daily, small reflections on local, cultural stories, on art mechanisms and recently the pandemic influences their production of narrative objects as the ‘essentials’ in lockdown-times. 


Members of Åbäke co-founded Kitsuné the record label, run the publishing house Dent-De-Leone, designed the magazine Sexymachinery and initiated the museum project Victoria & alfer D.  Åbäke is also the agent of the writer Charlotte York and the artist Betsy Bickle.


Come with me if you want to live, 2014
Anywhere is sailing distance when you have the time, 2017
Anywhere is sailing distance when you have the time, 2017
Public decision, 2014
DNA Sprays Battle, 2019
Irma Boom VRIP, 2019
Connaissez-vous la blague du petit déjeuner ? 2019
Fugu Okul, 2018 –ongoing with LPPL
Fugu Okul, 2018 –ongoing with LPPL
On hospitality 2019
I know John Lennon, 2011-on going
Where are you? 2015
Fugu Okul, 2018 –ongoing with LPPL
Human Pyramid 2079