Maika Garnica

28.01- 05.03.2022

from light to dark

a gradient of noises fills the room

air dancing around your eardrum trembles

in between along across around before behind below beneath near under next to you

every word a note a tone singing

through solids liquids and gases they move like a vibrant curve on a soft piece of paper

maybe they do


do oscillate within you 


The sounds you hear stem from the ceramic sound objects. The recordings are made at different periods in time; from the early development of the objects onwards.

The sound installation and composition is performed by Aiko Devriendt. 


Special thanks to Willem Coenen, Inca Garnica, Senne Claes, Ode De Kort, Aiko Devriendt, Christoph De Boeck, Tom Van Camp, Jan Van Den Bosch, Bert Depuydt and Céline Mathieu 




Otty Park presents the first solo exhibition of Maika Garnica. The artistic practice of Maika Garnica  (Antwerp, 1992) reflects on the relationship between spatial environment, spectator and artist/perfomer. Working on ceramic sculptures and sound related objects, she integrates these in performances, inviting musicians to activate the various forms in order to decipher the complex bond between form and matter. By performing in installations, sounds are almost made visible. The viewer experiences tension and fragility.

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